Let me tell you a little bit about myself.
My husband and I have five children, as well as a variety of pets!
Over the years we have had ferrets, hamsters and rabbits.
At this time we have two dogs, a cat, a couple of chinchillas and salt water fish.
Everybody in our family has a great fondness for pets.

After our son started school I went back into the workforce.
I found I needed to do something different.
So I went to Becker College for Grooming and Kennel Management.
After I graduated from there I was hired by a large corporation.
I was able to practice and fine tune my grooming skills.
I worked there as a groomer, eventually becoming the grooming manager,
as well as a grooming instructor.
I have also done some dog obedience training.
After five years of doing this, I felt the need to go out on my own.
I prefer to do things with a more personal touch.
I have a spacious salon, which allows me to let the dogs walk
around after their grooming until they’re picked up.
This way they don’t have to be kenneled up for their whole stay.
All animals are separated unless otherwise stated.
Cats are also welcome!

I am located on this street.
It's in a nice area with easy access.

Our front window

Our play area where some of our guests
can enjoy themselves.